Basic Safety Rules

Everybody would like to live safely, but risks are unavoidable. Our individual risk tolerance depends on many factors, some of which include genetics, our heritage and past experiences, our engrained values, and our training. These are compounded by the momentary influences of factors like theperceived advantage to be gained, our mental and physical condition, and numerous external pressures.

Many times we do not even realize the risks that surround us. We fail to properly assess the probabilities and consequences. Most of the time we are lucky and nothing happens, but let’s be honest, accident do not always happen to others... 

The following basic rules can help us live more safely:

  • If it seems unsafe, it probably is.
  • Common sense is often your best tool.
  • If you see it, you own it. If you recognize a hazard, take responsibility. Make others aware of the hazard, and, if possible, rectify it quickly.