It is our conviction, that a safe working environment is a product of the determination of employer and the active participation of the employees. The level of safety performance of a company is decided in the minds of its managers and employees. 

If management truly considers safety important, it makes every effort to create a safe working environment for its employees with appropriate tools and knowledge. Communication is of key importance: employees must understand that following the rules and procedures, wearing personal protective equipment, and looking out for one another serves their own good.  

Our current and future partners share this philosophy, because they have experienced that success can be achieved only through the mutual cooperation of employers and employees.  At Blazer we place particular emphasis on strong interpersonal communication, robust trainings, and facilitation of effective cooperation throughout all levels of the company.

We clearly understand that first priority of all companies is earning profit and that all costs which do not directly result in profitability must be carefully controlled. Unfortunately safety is often seen in this latter category.  However, safety and profit are not mutually exclusive, especially if we consider the cost of losses related to accidents, and the demotivating power of an unsafe working environment. Furthermore, a strong safety culture often goes hand in hand with a strong culture of quality assurance, security, and productivity.  Blazer’s goal is to help our Clients achieve maximum profits whilst operating safe workplaces.

We can help with the following services:

EHS Auditing
(legal compliance, compliance with company-specific requirements, best industry practices)

  • audits
  • suggestions for corrective and preventive actions
  • follow up

Safety Training

  • legally required training modules
  • company or job-specific training

Safety Consulting

  • Evaluation of workplaces, identification of deficiencies using the following methods:
    • Inspections
    • Interviews
    • Documentation reviews
  • Development of action plans, compliance assurance plans
  • Development of procedures and/or reporting standards
  • Accident investigation; introduction or improvement of accident reporting system
  • Development of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) standards, selection of PPE
  • Preparation of company internal reports, reporting through web applications
  • Safety Management System implementation, harmonization with the Quality and Environmental Management Systems
  • Risk assessment

Preparation and presentation of reports, statistics, presentations in Hungarian and/or English

Strategic consulting on safety performance improvement, integration of safety into business processes  

We integrate our toolkit with our Clients’ procedures, standards and methods as appropriate.