Three Hungarian-American friends from California (Akos, Tibor and Peter) founded Blazer Holding Ltd. We had decided to return to Hungary to search for our roots, and to try our luck in the Old World.  Our initial focus was on environmental assessments, management systems, and business development consulting; but we also had a small real estate development and even had a run at internet commerce, selling Hungarian music CDs.


Within a few years Akos and Tibor had moved on to other full time ventures in Hungary.  In 2003 Andrea joined Blazer, bringing a new profile of health & safety (H&S), and process improvement using Six Sigma methodology.  We began working with multinational clients helping them with workplace safety improvement, building H&S management systems, and using Six Sigma tools.


Csaba brought additional technical depth in process improvement and we began providing Six Sigma trainings.  Our core activities continued to focus on the areas of H&S risk assessments, management systems, and EHS auditing.


Ergonomics, which had always been one of our main interests, began to take on increasing importance with our clients and projects.


Improvements in safety culture rose to the forefront of our activities as our clients increasingly recognized that changing employees’ mindset is critical to strong safety performance.  In the past several years we’ve had numerous opportunities to research this area in depth and observe the effects of the power of behavioral change. The results have been clear for us: successful companies who put deliberate efforts into involving their employees in safety and process improvement can make big steps forward!