More and more attention is paid to ergonomic injuries lately.  We have an ever-increasing understanding of the causes of such injuries as our knowledge base of workplace illnesses expands. Ergonomic problems are most commonly found in mass production and office work. If not detected and resolved early on, these problems can lead to deterioration of employees’ health and long-term disability. This can be a tremendous cost to the employer, e.g., decreased productivity motivation due to monotony or illness, increase of sick leave costs, costs of substitution and retraining, costs of treatment of diagnosed illnesses, not to mention insurance and law suits

What we can help with: assessment, consulting, training

Blazer’s knowledgeable experts prepare thorough ergonomic risk assessments, identifying critical potential problems and quantifying the specific risks.  For assessing risks it is crucial to observe task executions, interview employees performing these tasks and their supervisors, analyze accident and occupational illness statistics, and collaborate with the company physician.  In our risk assessments we recommend preventative measures for all risks above the acceptance threshold, and review these with our Clients to set realistic and executable actions. We are open to use of tools developed or preferred by our clients.

We also offer training programs for those Clients who plan to assess, develop and monitor up their ergonomic performance.

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