Ensuring safe workplaces, quality products, and reliable delivery all cost money.  The challenge is to find ways to improve these areas quickly, even in times of ever increasing budget pressures.  Yet a company’s success is primarily measured on the satisfaction of its customers, and that is at least as dependent on the dedication of the employees, as it is on the efficiency of processes.  

As we know, there is no such thing as 100% client satisfaction, a perfectly safe workplace, or a completely defect free product or service.  Yet there are always hidden reserves to be found, and often a completely different approach results in drastic improvements.  Just as with a strong safety culture, reliable quality assurance is also highly dependent on the behavior of each and every employee.

Jumping on the first obvious solution rarely brings the desired results.  A systematic and structured problem solving approach is needed.  If we consistently practice and demand such methodical problem solving, soon it will become normal practice, and we are much better equipped to find the optimal solution rather than simply justifying the validity of our initial reaction. 

Taking advantage of Lean and Six Sigma, we aim to implement tools which are easily understood, and which can become standard practices upon which the Client can build a culture of continual improvement.

We can help you with: project management, conducting trainings, consultations, coaching 

We are ready to assist either on a project-by-project basis, finding solutions for specific issues, or by helping to develop a culture of continual improvement.  

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