Assessing safety and environmental risks is vital not just for production and manufacturing managers, but equally so for financial and business managers. Everyone likes to believe that accidents always happen to other people. Unfortunately, even in properly controlled environments unexpected, undesired events can occur. Employers are responsible for the health and safety, and mental and physical wellbeing of their employees. Therefore, Management must be familiar with the risks of accidents, illnesses and environmental pollution associated with their operations, so that these risks can be reduced, eliminated or otherwise managed.

Preparation of a safety risk assessment must be completed by a certified expert. However, assessing and evaluating risks can only be done effectively and meaningfully if completed together with employees performing the specific tasks.  Their expertise, experience and knowledge about local conditions is critical. 

We can help you with assessing and evaluating risks, developing mitigation plans and conducting trainings

Our experts assess the physical, chemical, biological, ergonomic and emotional risks of workplaces using the FMEA method, commonly used in Six Sigma applications. Each risk assessment is a unique evaluation of the workplace risks specific to the clients’ activities, jobs and processes. We do not use templates or questionnaires in the output form for two reasons: the assessor must have a completely open mind in order to identify all potential hazards; and we value simple reports which can quickly be understood and used.

If requested we also prepare statistics, graphical summaries, and management summaries of the risks and recommended mitigation measures.

Upon completion of the evaluation, we prepare recommendations for preventative measures, and once these have been agreed upon by the Client, an action plan is prepared. The action plan can be used to track implementation of the preventive actions, and allows fast and simple re-evaluation of the risks after the corrective actions are completed. This update of the assessment enables the user to check if risk reduction was effective. 

As the action plan summarizes the current risks, it can be used as training material, a tool for identifying your high risk operations, or a safety inspection or internal audit checklist!